10 Great Meditation Gifts for Mindfulness Lovers

10 Great Meditation Gifts for Mindfulness Lovers

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Mindfulness is a practice that everyone should adopt into their lives for many reasons. However, what some people don’t realize is that they should also be adopting mindfulness into their romantic relationships. For those that already have, buying your partner a gift just got a lot easier. Here are 10 great meditation gifts for mindfulness lovers. 

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the psychological practice of bringing one’s full attention to the present moment. This practice involves daily meditation to calm your mind and body, take your thoughts inward, and observe what arises without attachment or judgement. 

Being fully present allows you to appreciate the experiences you are having without past memories hanging over you or stress from future plans or deadlines. This creates a greater sense of balance, peace, and self-awareness to those who practice mindfulness regularly.

Studies have shown that mindfulness even has many physical benefits.

Mindfulness in Relationships

With a mindfulness meditation practice comes the capacity to know and understand our emotions and feelings on a deeper level. We learn how to respond to stressful situations instead of reacting to them. This can help relationships in great ways, especially when a couple is faced with a conflict, trauma from the past, or an emotional trigger.

Studies have shown that couples who adopt mindfulness in their relationships see significant improvements in overall happiness and healthier levels of stress.

Buying your loved one a gift for a special occasion might be a small cause for some of that stress. To help you relieve some of that stress and find something perfect for your partner, we did the work for you and recommend these 10 great meditation gifts.

10 Great Meditation Gifts for Mindfulness Lovers

1. Empowering Meditation Cards

Meditation cards can be drawn before meditation to help us bring our attention inwards to our thoughts. This is a deck of 52 unique cards where each one asks you an empowering question so that you get to know yourself better. This is a great meditation tool in which you can pull a card and meditate on the deep thought-provoking question it asks you that day.

2. Reiki Healing Crystals Hanging Ornament

This beautiful hanging ornament can be displayed in any room or office. It includes seven crystals that represent the seven chakras of the body. The chakras are the energy centers located on the midline of the body. Each of the chakras represents a physical, emotional or mental state, helping to enrich one’s spirit and well-being. The chakra stones can be used during meditation to balance and heal the body, making it one of the best meditation gifts.

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Each unique lamp is professionally carved from Himalayan salt. When lit, the lamp radiates a warm, relaxing, amber glow. It emits negative ions into the air, which is said to create a peaceful atmosphere perfect to practice mindfulness which makes it one of the best meditation gifts. 

4. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan singing bowls are used worldwide for yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing ceremonies. The sounds and vibrations promote a relaxed state perfect for deep, mindful meditation. This reduces stress and increases healing on a mental, spiritual, and physical level. If you are looking for the best meditation gifts to buy for your partner, this is one all meditation lovers will appreciate.

5. Scented Candles Gift Set

These candles are perfect meditation gifts because they use soy wax and essential oils to create a relaxed, calming environment in any room. Burning candles before meditation helps us bring awareness to the present moment. We can bring our focus to the light of the flame and the scent of the essential oils, letting go of anything else going on in the outside world. This makes it easier to fall into a present, mindful state. 

6. Smudge Kit Gift Set

Smudging is a ritual that many mindful meditation lovers practice to clear any negative energy in their body or the room that they’re in before going to deep meditation. This also uplifts positive energy, bringing us into a peaceful, loving headspace. Smudge kits include everything you need to successfully smudge and are some of the most popular meditation gifts. 

7. Yoga Dice

Yoga is a very popular way to practice mindful meditation. By bringing awareness to our physical bodies and focusing inward on the energetic movements we make, everything that stresses us out falls away with ease. Yoga dice are perfect meditation gifts no matter what level of yoga you are at. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a roll of these dice will mix up your usual yoga routine in a fun yet challenging way. 

8. Meditating Buddha Statue

Create a calm atmosphere of contemplation and self-reflection perfect for mindful meditation. Meditating Buddha holds his hands in dhyana mudra, which brings concentration and healing. This is the perfect gift for yoga or meditation lovers in your life and can be used indoors, outdoors, or anywhere you’d like the zen influence of Buddha. 

9. Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations

This book by Matthew Sockolov is full of 75 essential mindfulness meditations. Matthew Sockolov is a well-known mindfulness meditation teacher and founder of One Mind Dharma. This book is one of the best meditation gifts for those new to the practice and in need of guidance or who want to learn more about mindful meditation.

10. Daily Meditation Journal

Meditation journals are perfect gifts for mindfulness lovers because of the amazing benefits journaling has. Journaling helps to reduce stress and can help in rewiring the neural pathways in the brain so we become more thankful for what we have in life. There is something about allowing thoughts to flow freely from your mind to paper that acts as a way to mindfully access your subconscious. Here you can work through past traumas, memories of heartbreak, or issues from childhood. The key is in allowing thoughts to surface and writing them down without hesitation or judgement. Making them tangible on paper releases them from being suppressed in your mind and forces you to confront and heal from those deep inner issues.     

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