Friday, Sep 25, 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Secret to Joyful Productivity

This post isn’t some collection of platitudes. It’s my own little productivity secret for feeling joyful while getting stuff done. The inspiration for this post comes from the iNLP Center Post: How to Feel Good All Day – Use this Simple To-Do List Formula. Let’s get right to it. The first step is to forget all about to-do lists. Throw […]

The Ultimate Morning Positivity Journaling Technique

Journaling in the morning sets you up to have the day you want, so the following positivity journaling technique is going to be awesome. It’s a template or short series of positive journaling prompts. The method is easy to use – just read each prompt and write what comes to mind – stream of consciousness style – afterward. Note: Journal […]

What if you don’t have an inner voice?

My daughter recently tagged my on Facebook with a question about people who claim not to have an inner monologue. No inner voice? Here are the initial question and my earth-shattering reply. I’m dying to open a conversation with you… …about your experience with clients & how it relates to this article Thought it would be fun to open the […]