Sunday, Nov 29, 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis and What Can it Do for You?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a pathway into the quantum state of being, which, above all, is freedom of personal evolution. In a quantum state, the mind and body operate as one, freed to reorganize the soul’s operating system. For this to happen, you must get out of the way and allow the process to take root in the fertile soil […]

5 Uncommon Gratitude Journal Prompts that Dig Deep

Let’s create some gratitude journal prompts to keep us focused on the most important mindset in history. We’ll try to go beyond the typical list of gratitude questions and dig deep into the very heart and soul of gratitude itself. Why not play to win because in this case winning means a life of joy and reciprocity among our peers. […]

10 Great Meditation Gifts for Mindfulness Lovers

Mindfulness is a practice that everyone should adopt into their lives for many reasons. However, what some people don’t realize is that they should also be adopting mindfulness into their romantic relationships. For those that already have, buying your partner a gift just got a lot easier. Here are 10 great meditation gifts for mindfulness lovers.  What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness […]

How to Do Something You Don’t Want or Even Hate Doing

Don’t think you’re the only one wondering how to do something you hate doing. We’re all in this together. No matter how ideal your life has become, there are things you have to do that you simply don’t want to do! So many of us turn into massive flakes at this point. We often disappoint others in the process but […]

You Might Think there’s Something Wrong with You (but there isn’t)

Sitting in the hot tub tonight, something hit me. A massive, healing wave of relief came over me, after days of ruminating about how much I hate people. I hate people. I hate my life. It’s been a source of shame for me. Social anxiety. Avoiding people – just wanting to be left alone, period. And then I stay up […]

Acceptance is the Change you Seek

For most of us, most of the time, acceptance represents a change. A big one. In all my years of coaching, one thing has been consistent: Unless you acknowledge and accept a problem, you cannot change it. Often, nothing more is necessary in order to get what you want. We can desire things so intensely that we resist our current […]

I Do Not Understand Anything I See

Course in Miracles Lesson 3 I do not understand anything I see ( in this room, out the window, etc .). Again, we simply take a moment or two to look around and say, “I do not understand this pillow. I do not understand this cat. I do not understand this hand.” Well, I did that. And it helped to […]

The Ultimate Morning Positivity Journaling Technique

Journaling in the morning sets you up to have the day you want, so the following positivity journaling technique is going to be awesome. It’s a template or short series of positive journaling prompts. The method is easy to use – just read each prompt and write what comes to mind – stream of consciousness style – afterward. Note: Journal […]