5 Uncommon Gratitude Journal Prompts that Dig Deep

5 Uncommon Gratitude Journal Prompts that Dig Deep

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Let’s create some gratitude journal prompts to keep us focused on the most important mindset in history.

We’ll try to go beyond the typical list of gratitude questions and dig deep into the very heart and soul of gratitude itself. Why not play to win because in this case winning means a life of joy and reciprocity among our peers.

These gratitude prompts begin with overlooked fundamentals and soon reveal a new universe of possibility. Take them one by one. The numbered subheadings below are the actual prompts to place in your journal.

1. What is gratitude (and what ISN’T)?

Gratitude is a verb in disguise as a noun. It’s not a thing but a processing of acting gratefully. Being grateful. Gratitude is something you do that produces amazing benefits with almost no effort.

What do you do to be grateful? Appreciate how fortunate you are. Luckily, given the relativity of all things, you can appreciate the fortune in just about anything, even your own death.

TIP: Start every gratitude session with the definition of gratitude.

2. Why gratitude?

There are too many reasons to list that support the benefits of gratitude, from health and emotional wellness to your very longevity on this planet. The most important reason to practice gratitude, however, is that it’s a sign of character.

Maturity. Gratitude means you accept your life as it is without self-victimization. You are not maligning yourself as you immaturely blame others and life itself for your misfortune. After all, misfortune is merely a perspective.

Grow up – become a mature person of character – by appreciating what you have.

TIP: Journal about why you believe in gratitude as a practice.

3. Whom or what do I take for granted?

This prompt is powerful because what you take for granted are typically good things that you chronically overlook. This is normal. If we couldn’t take things for granted – depend upon them without having to think further about it, then we couldn’t function.

The good news is that as we become more mindful, it’s easy to feel lucky and joyful instantly as you realize how much you have going for you.

4. What could be worse?

The good things in life that we tend of overlook come into focus when we realize how much worse off we could be. And again, because gratitude is a perspective full of relativity, the only that that matters is the object of comparison.

Are you wealthy? That depends on the comparison you make. Compared to people with more, you have less. Compared with people who have less, you have more.

To achieve gratitude, compare yourself to people who have less. Gratitude practice is a safe, respectful, compassionate place to do so.

5. What have others done for me?

Gratitude experts suggest that one important component of the practice is recognizing the good things that come from outside yourself. What have others done for you? When you consider this question deeply, you’ll realize that others have played a role in everything, including your very existence.

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