Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Ultimate Morning Positivity Journaling Technique

Journaling in the morning sets you up to have the day you want, so the following positivity journaling technique is going to be awesome.

It’s a template or short series of positive journaling prompts. The method is easy to use – just read each prompt and write what comes to mind – stream of consciousness style – afterward.

Note: Journal whatever comes to mind with each prompt. Don’t worry about it! Avoid wondering what I meant by the prompt or what you’re supposed to write. All that is irrelevant. The prompt will prompt you in ways that only apply to you and there is no wrong approach or answer.

Some prompts are questions. Some are incomplete sentences that will inspire you to finish them in your own words.

Positivity Journaling Technique – the Prompts

Prompt #1: Clear the air. Write any complaints off the top of your head in order to acknowledge them but do NOT feel obligated to resolve them or DEFINITELY do not dwell on them. List your complaints and move on.

Prompt #2: What do you have going for you today?

Prompt #3: It’s great that I am…

Prompt#4: I feel compassion for people who…

Prompt #5: Tonight, as I reflect upon this day…..

Here are my responses…

Prompt #1: Clear the air.

I don’t like people bugging me. Seriously. Relationships are unbelievably dramatic and emotionally draining. I wish I could be more matter-of-fact about them and stop worrying about offending people so much.

Because I am less worried about offending them and more worried about the consequences to me. How lame! Just be honest,

Prompt #2: What do you have going for you today?

It’s Sunday! Free day. My partner and I are on good terms. We have a hot tub. God, so much going for us. Just being in a committed relationship is a damn good thing.

I can’t list all the things going for me because holy moly there are too many. But I feel good right now so this positivity journaling prompt has done its work!

Prompt #3: It’s great that I am…

Smart and rich! LOL. Sorry. But God is it nice…so nice to not have to worry about money. That’s 90% of the worry out there, isn’t it?

Prompt#4: I feel compassion for people who…

Are poor. God. Again, wow, that is so stressful. I’ve lived in poverty and it is a constant source of fear.

Prompt #5: Tonight, as I reflect upon this day…..

I want to fall right asleep, no conscience issues. A bit of a turn in tone. I want to suck all the life out of this day and do it according to my life values.


Written By

Scarlett Jenkins