Nothing I See Means Anything

Nothing I See Means Anything

nothing I see means anything
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Nothing I see means anything. This is the first principle mentioned in the book, The Course in Miracles Experiment.

It comes with an experiment to look around for one minute. With each thing you see, remind yourself that it doesn’t mean anything. Ok, I did it.

  • That fan doesn’t mean anything.
  • This computer doesn’t mean anything.
  • Those fingers don’t mean anything.
  • This desk doesn’t mean anything.
  • That picture doesn’t mean anything.

After 10 seconds of this, I relaxed. Then, I was surprised that I relaxed at such a simple thought (that I wasn’t analyzing).

Nothing I see means anything.

Does that include memories and imagination? It must.

Of course, we must make meaning out of everything. If my computer meant nothing to me, I could not use it. When I look at my computer, I feel excited to work or shop or learning something new online. To others, a computer might fill them with dread or simply bore them.

We all make our own meaning.

Things take on the meaning we give them and there must be enough overlap in our collective thinking to function as a society. Still, given that each of us attaches our own story to every object or concept or figment of our imagination, there must be a ton of leeway in the meaning-making department of life.

Another way to say it: Everything takes on the meaning I give it. Thankfully, we don’t have to consciously ascribe meaning to each and every thought, person, or object we encounter. Impossible.

Yet, when some element of life isn’t working for us, why not do a reset on meaning? I have no idea whether this is a continuation of the principle per The Course in Miracles, but it’s part of the meaning I am giving it at this moment.

Does making it mean that work for me? Honestly, not really. It seems like a lot of work to hash out meaning on purpose. I’m more relaxed just going with the principle as a look around. It’s freeing.

What more could I ask for?

This blog post doesn’t mean anything. What a relief!

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