The Secret to Joyful Productivity

The Secret to Joyful Productivity

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This post isn’t some collection of platitudes. It’s my own little productivity secret for feeling joyful while getting stuff done.

The inspiration for this post comes from the iNLP Center Post: How to Feel Good All Day – Use this Simple To-Do List Formula.

Let’s get right to it.

The first step is to forget all about to-do lists. Throw them out. If you do not experience the joy of productivity, then what you’re doing isn’t working. Stop and let’s recalibrate.

Now, step back and look at the results you want to create. Ask yourself, “Does achieving these results bring me joy?” If not, then you’ve got a different issue altogether.

And that’s where most people fall down. They’re in jobs they hate, pursuing someone else’s goals, and completely out of touch with their inner desires. In short, most people have forgotten how to want.

Don’t gloss over that last sentence.

Most people have forgotten how to want. They’re pursuing shallow, meaningless (to them) desires that simply will not deliver happiness.

This post is too short, I know, but let’s sum it all up anyway.

When your to-do list reflects your genuine desires, you will experience the joy of doing.

That’s enlightenment!

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