What if you don’t have an inner voice?

What if you don’t have an inner voice?

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My daughter recently tagged my on Facebook with a question about people who claim not to have an inner monologue.

No inner voice? Here are the initial question and my earth-shattering reply.

I’m dying to open a conversation with you…

…about your experience with clients & how it relates to this article

Thought it would be fun to open the convo here so other people can chime in & continue to blow my mind about how everyone thinks

I’ve read like 10 comment threads stemming from this article & it’s fascinating ????

So dad, & everyone else!

What’s your experience with your internal dialogue (or lack thereof)

Mine has been a MAJOR struggle of mine in my adult life, not only do I have a very loud internal voice, I also have had to wrangle it a couple times to stop it from destroying my life.

To find out some people don’t experience a voice AT ALL?! I’m almost jealous ???

Hey Court!

Interesting! Thanks for asking:) Here’s my take. 

I suggest that – all else being equal – everyone has an internal voice. The question is – do they hear it? 

The conscious mind is such a teeny, tiny bit of our experience. So, to say that you don’t “have” an internal voice because you don’t hear one is like saying you don’t have an immune system because you aren’t consciously aware of its day to day operation.

Maybe you don’t remember part of your childhood. Does that mean you didn’t actually have those months or years? You had them. The memories are there. You do not consciously recall them.

Incidentally, it’s not just the internal voice. The visual and kinesthetic representational systems also elude some. Some people do not see internal imagery. Others cannot feel their emotions. Inner silence, darkness, or numbness are common.

Regardless, we all have these elements of our experience.

The question is…

What do we systematically tune out? (There’s nothing wrong with tuning anything out, btw).

For me, the mindblower is that inner experience dramatically affects us whether we are consciously aware of it or not. So when there are problems, we should seek as much awareness as we can. 

An undetectable, critical voice in your head can ruin you. Feelings that lurk beneath the numbness can completely throw you off balance. Suppressed imagery can invisibly steer you away from pleasure and toward pain. 

When there’s a problem, troubleshoot!

This is why I’m an advocate of increasing awareness of what we see, hear, and feel on the inside. I’ve worked with lots of people who have recovered lost see-hear-feel elements of their inner life. 

My .02. Thanks again:)

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